Sunday, 12 February 2012

making progress

I've been a bit quiet again but that's because I've been busy :) I'm busy crossing a few things off my Resolved to Sew 2012 list Yay!

front of PIF pouch and pin cusion 

First up I've delivered my first PIF gift at last, what a great feeling to have finally made a start on this. Rachael at Sew Ray Me is the first recipient and I'm relieved to say she loves her gifts.

back of PIF pouch  

Take a look at Rachael's blog post her to see what she thought. Myself and Rachael have chatted quite a bit by email and lately on Twitter. If you want a great tweeter to follow you really should follow Rachael, sometimes on twitter it really is like talking to yourself but Rachael always makes time to reply and have a wee natter.

I'm now almost finished my second PIF gift and I know exactly what I'm making for the third one so it's full steam ahead.

pin cushions in progress

Inspired by how well the pin cushion was received I thought I'd rustle up a few for the shop since it's sadly neglected at the moment. I do have a few more things in the pipeline and once I get my photos sorted they'll be listed asap.

design options whiter

Onto another 2 things on my list, a swap and paper piecing. I posted this set of design options on the Mouthy Stitches group and option c got the thumbs up. Of course this design includes paper piecing which I've not actually done before ....hmmmm maybe not the most sensible idea then, especially when the blocks will be tiny. I had a trial run at it and if you ignore the fact that the centre piece is back to front (duh!) it came out ok. Please also ignore the fabric used here I really was just grabbing things out of the scrap box without any thought. So this is top priority this week as I'm feeling a bit stressed that so many people are already finished yikes! In addition to this I also need to finish some custom order zippy purses and a quote for  cushions. I might have to bribe the older kids to watch Jamie for a bit to get any of this done as once again they are on holiday all week.

paper piecing 1st attempt 

So there we go progress on 3 counts just need to find some more hours in the day to get some swooning done, think that'll have to wait another week unless I give up sleeping altogether.

Bye for now
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Katy Cameron said...

Oooh, looking good, loving the stamped/pieced fabric combos, happy shop stocking!

susan said...

Love your PIF! Where did you get the sewing themed stamps? They are fabulous. All your makes are great and whoever your partner is they are very, very lucky!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

WOW all looks gorgeous, the pouch is going to be incredible :)

Sew,ray,me said...

What a nice feeling to know that I know *own* these beauties!

Thank you again, mwaaaaah xxx

Crafted by Carly said...

I saw your bits and pieces at Sew Ray Me - and LOVED them!!! They are beautiful! The sewing stamps are very, very cute indeed! Where DID you find them???

Craft Couture by T.C. said...

I love the pouch and the pin adorable. :)
I'm your new follower. :))

Indianna said...

Just saw this - love the pin cushions - good luck with all those triangles!

Jenevieve said...

Just found your blog via Sew Ray Me, love the makes! I particularly like the colour scheme you chose. I should really get round to writing another blog post myself and get some more makes done! :) x

Courtney said...

I just found your blog perusing the mouthy stitches pool, and I am in love with the pouch you made. I see the paper piece you used for your pin cushion, did you use that for the pouch too? And is it something you can print off or buy somewhere? I am smitten! thanks!

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