Wednesday, 1 February 2012

fresh sewing day

I'm linking up to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day which I've not done for a while. It seemed particularly appropriate today as I have Kirstin's Dead Simple Quilt-a-long quilt to show you. If you remember this was supposed to be finished for Christmas but alas didn't quite make it. It's done now though and after my initial dislike for it when I first pieced the top both I and Kirstin, thankfully, love it loads.

dead simple quilt

The backing is Klona cotton in Pomegranate - what a colour it's gorgeous! Although I am a bit afraid it may bleed when I wash it. I'm not sure why I didn't wash it before I used it as I do usually but fingers crossed a colour catcher or two will keep things as they should be.

back of dead simple quilt

I had a few issues lining up my squares which are not entirley down to my shoddy piecing skills. I used my Big Shot Machine to cut up the charm squares which would have gone very smoothly had I bought the correct size of cutting mats.

Now the Westminster 5" cutting die for the Big Shot is a beast and a half but it cuts 4 charms with no borders in between so it can fairly get through a cutting job at a great pace. However I bought the XL cutting pads which turn out to be too short, you need the 25" XL cutting pads.

Of course no one had these in stock in the UK so I thought I'd get away with just cutting 2 charms x 6 layers at a time as they would be well covered by the mats I had. Sadly this resulted in stretched squares whcih of course I didn't discover until I had cut them all out and started sewing. So there was little chance of getting matching seams really.

close up

I didn't want to quilt this one too heavily for a couple of reasons but mostly because I find it pretty hard going. I decided to keep the square theme going and did some (vaguely) straight line quilting on every third row and column which divided up the blocks a little and resulted in some more larger square shapes. I used a King Tut variagated thread on the front and a stunning pink Aurifil on the back.

dead simple quilt

The binding is made up from stash fabrics and a little left over row of 4 blocks. I took one column of blocks off the side of the original quilt front to add to the back and also so I could make use of the full width of the Klona to cut down on the amount of backing fabric I needed.

I used fabric stamps and some Perle Cotton (oh my this stuff is lovely) to make a label which you can't see in the quilt photos. Unfortunately the colour in this photo is a bit bright (pesky sun came out as I grabbed these photos) but the cotton is a pale lime green.

label for dead simple quilt

Here's an in progress photo which shows the colours a bit better.

label dead simple quilt

It's bright (just incase you hadn't noticed) and cheerful and ever so slightly wonky but it you know what I don't care as finally I've made a start on getting my kids a quilt each. I'm hoping that the quilts I make for them will be something they treasure and that they will go with them when they grow up and leave home.

So that was a longer post than I meant it to be but there you go. I've made some other bits and bobs in January but I can't post pics of them yet as they're gifts so all that's left is my Swoon block. At the moment it is rather lonely as I've not made any more's on the list for February though.

trial swoon

There's a bunch of 'swooners' who are taking it slow and just doing a block a month which is just my style so if you were thinking you couldn't squeeze in another quilt to your schedule you know this might just be the answer.

Oh dear I amost for got another January finish Tamar's teddy Sleeping bag, phew at least I've got 3 things to show for the last month of sewing.

teddy bear sleeping bag

Bye for now

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Borderline Quilter said...

I love those bright colours and Pomegranate is my favourite...lovely summery colours on a cold winters day!

Best Wishes
Kay in Scotland

Kelly said...

Gorgeous quilt! I love the Klona pomegranate.

Fiona said...

I love your quilt! The colours are fantastic! I've managed 2 full size swoon blocks but I think I might aim for one a month too.
The bear sleeping bag is on my list for Feb too.
Really enjoyed our first quilt guild meeting, looking forward to the next one already :)

Sandra Kaye said...

Lovely bright quilt!! Great job!! I love bright colors!! Hugs

Indianna said...

Fantastic bright colours on the quilt - and not too Little hopefully she will be able to love it ...for ever! The colours in your Swoon Block are super too.

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

The DS quilt is gorgeous!! I adore your Swoon block, beautiful!! Such a cute little sleeping bag too :)

Sew,ray,me said...

Your quilt is lovely! (or should I say Kirsten's quilt!). I love the quilting lines on it too. I've got all of the fabric bought and washed for my 2 year old's 'first quilt' goodness knows when I'll actually get round to making it!

stephanie said...

Kirstins quilt is stunning nikki, really nice work. Love the pomegranate backing. I also treated myself to a roll of the perle cotton, pink variegated, still to have a go using it. Had a great time at our first meeting, really looking forward to the next one, defo get cake this time! Stacey's 30% sale started this week, I'll keep you up to date. Stephanie.x

Toni said...

That quilt is beautiful! Great palette and I love your quilting!

Crafted by Carly said...

What a gorgeous quilt - and stunning colours!!! I love the cute label too!!!

Katy Cameron said...

The quilt looks fab, and you can't tell they're off-kilter at all! Hope we get to see Swoon #2 on the 23rd :o)

Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts said...

Love that solids patchwork quilt. :) So pretty!

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