Wednesday, 31 August 2011

mojo returns

Well it's been a while hasn't it?  There has been a lot going on here and following the 'if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all' route I haven't felt like blogging. There's been family health problems and hospital visits (all ok now don't worry) plus impending unemployment once again for hubbie dearest so I've been in a grump really. Don't get me wrong there's been good things happening too like birthdays (how did they end up being 14 and 11 already arrgh!) and visits to the seaside and also a fabulous fabric giveaway win and swap.

I also took a break from sewing due to.... yup tennis elbow/RSI again! Well I say 'again' but in truth it never goes away, I just manage to ignore it better at some times than others. However I'm now fed up of waiting for the nagging pain/tension/tingling to go away I have put my wrist splints on and am back to it.

So that's that out of the way, how are you all? The schools are back here and my youngest is now in nursery for 2.5hrs a day so I have some much appreciated time on my hands. It's a real treat to have some peace and quiet, those of you with kids will understand this I'm sure. I love them to pieces but sometimes a little peace and space to think is definitely required.

cosmo 9 patch
cosmo 9 patch 

Anyway what am I up to? Well today I decided to try out making a disappearing 9 patch block. It attracted me for many reasons, quick, easy and a great way to use a charm pack. I bought this charm pack from an Jeanette of Platypus Quilting on Etsy a while back, it's a mixture of of Cosmo Cricket Early Bird and Tailor Made. To learn how to do this block I used this video tute and it worked out great. There's another tute on there that I really fancy too, it's here if you want a look.

cosmo charm pack

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with this block, I might make some more or I might make a cushion for my sewing chair. Infact yes I think I'll sew some more blocks and make a cushion and a new pincushion too.

Other projects on the go include an almost finished bag using the Noodlehead 241 tote pattern and a cut out but not sewn Keyka Lou Cross-Body Bag. I'm also making a Cloud 9 Free as a Bird cushion plus a zipper pouch using the left over AMH charms from my attempt at hexagon making. It turns out hexagons and me don't go, well it's not so much the hexagons as the hand sewing that's the problem. Plus I've still to finish my Big Fat Dresden from the Lily's Quilts QAL from ages ago.

So there's plenty to be going on with just now and I really must dash but not before saying saying thank you to you all for sticking with Sew Quine Stitches despite the lack of posts.

Bye for now

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Sew,ray,me said...

Welcome back! I love your 9 patch block! Great fabric/sewing related prints. It'll make a lovely cushion.

Miriam said...

I great block with very cute fabric!

I hope the wrist splits ease your RSI/tennis elbow.

susan said...

Pleasure to hear from you again. Feel for you and your wrists. I've got the same in my hips and it generally just pisses me off. You blog when you want to. We'll still be here.

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