Friday, 29 July 2011

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I have loads of WIPs on the go at the moment. In fact I have so many my brain is in a whizz and can't manage to prioritse what to finish first. My main way of dealing with my project list is to put gifts at the top as they have finite deadlines which is fine. Other projects though can be left on the shelf for quite some time and then I start even more new ones and this list just gets longer and longer. I guess I need to learn to focus but that's pretty difficult especially when I'm likely to be interpreted at any minute by a small person or even his big brother saying "come and see Jamie, we're rolled him up like as sausage roll, it's really funny!". This involves rolling him up in his duvet with only his head sticking out, quite a good way of keeping him out of trouble but not ideal on a roasting hot day like today.

Of course things will no doubt get a lot easier once school goes back. I'm not counting down the weeks.... honestly I'm not, well ok I am a wee bit.

So how do you priortise all the projects and ideas and gifts you want to make? How on earth do people manage to make enough stuff to stock a shop or a craft fair table?

Anyway I'm off to have another cup of tea before tackling the housework, we've got viewers coming tomorrow so the place has to be spick and span which it most definitely is not at the moment.

bye for now

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Dree said...

I have the same problem. And I have sewing, quilting, crochet, and embroidery projects in various stages of shockingly close to done to made some progress to just started to everything is together. I even have a few beading projects. Summer is the worst for interruptions--if I could just have 30 consecutive minutes a day, I could accomplish something. Instead I cook, clean, discipline, make activity plans, execute activity plans, schedule/attend summer appointments, school shop, finish school paperwork, etc etc etc. You know. And yeah, start more projects (it's small, I can do it! it's a gift, I must do it!).

I have long wondered about the craft tables too. I just can't see when/how people can build up inventory.

Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

I feel the same way!
For once I made an actual real-life list a few days ago. I put all the items to finish for summer first on the list and, wow, it actually feels good to have a plan. I feel like I'm making progress too by crossing each one out. I feel like it really frees up space on my brain (which I need for all my kids!)
Good luck.

I love your blog header BTW!

susan said...

If you figure out how to stock a craft table let me know as I am thinking of doing the Christmas fair here. Thinking - my be too scared to go with it!

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