Tuesday, 21 June 2011

so making your own clothes.. is it more work than it's worth?

At the moment I've taken it upon myself to make some more clothes. I've been taken in by the Sew Lisette patterns and all the great versions on flickr.

My last attempt at making a tunic didn't even make it onto the blog as it had more than a few fitting issues. So anyway a suitable amount of time has passed since that disaster and I have once again fooled myself into thinking I could make myself some thing nice.

Now the Sew Lisette Market Blouse is a simple pattern to make but I cannot seem to get a fit I like. The 10 is too baggy/wide the 8 too tight at the hips, I have 2.5" difference between high bust and full bust, pooling of fabric at the waist at the back (sway back or big butt?) aargh! Maybe I'm just being a fuss pot and trying to make this blouse more fitted than it's meant to be but these are the same issues I had with my last top so I think not.

After my last fitting nightmare I bought myself Fit for Real People since it's recommended by just about every sewing forum out there. It is full of detailed fixes for all manner of fitting problems which is all well and good but trying to work out exactly which issues I have it doing my nut in. I'm currently trying a full bust adjustment on the size 8 but at my last attempt it made the top too tent like at the front. humpfff! this is all taking up far too much time and I'm verging on obsessed.

All this for a simple top, is it worth the hassle I wonder?  I really need to find a dressmaking course to go to I think. So if anybody knows of classes in Stirling or Perth please let me know, my sanity is at risk here!

I hope all your sewing projects are going well and I'll be back soon with another much more successful and completed project very soon.

Bye for now

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ETA. I think I might of cracked it, watch this space.


Marci Debetaz said...

I know exactly how you feel, every time I attempt to do any sewing for myself it seems like the effort and time wasted really isn't worth it, but I always end up trying again.....

sewquine said...

Glad it's not just me then :) I've made so many muslins of this now i can't
be bothered making the real thing. Although it hasn't stopped me downloading
the Sorbetto pattern by Colette - it is free after all but the thing is I
don't even wear sleeveless tops. I'll never learn it seems!

Prof. S said...

Hang in there! I'm convinced that if you can solve the riddle of your own body (the fitting issues specific to YOU), a whole world of sewing -- and of well-fitting clothes -- will open up.

I am far from an expert seamstress (and in recent months I have put more energy into quilting that garment sewing) BUT I have managed to make a couple of simple dresses that fit. The keys for me are adding an FBA to a relatively small sized top, grading out a couple of sizes at waist and hips (mommy tummy) and doing a sway-back adjustment. I need to keep working on it...but I hope you will too! Good luck!

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