Saturday, 29 May 2010

Lovely new fabric

After the success of my first top and with a semi-dressy occasion coming up I thought it was time to order some of the Anna Maria Horner Cotton Voile I've been drooling over for a while.  I went for Diamond Mine in Ink and it arrived today. It's so soft, the colour is beautiful and there is a slight sheen to the fabric which gives it an extra dimension when it's draped. I'm slightly scared to use it but use it I will as this top needs to be finished by 13th June so I can wear it to the Nursery Ladies Lunch.

I bought it from an online fabric shop that is new to me and I'd definitely use them again as the delivery was fast and the fabric was very well packaged (and we can reuse the box it came in for my daughter's school project - scoop!). The shop is called Ray-Stitch and carries a wide selection from the Anna Maria Horner range as well as lots of other lovely fabric and  sewing goodies.

Anyway I'll need to sort out which sleeve option to do this time and I need to learn how to make my own bias binding - could be interesting. This tutorial from Prudent Baby looks pretty good (and no I don't have the fancy tape making machine) so I've no excuse apart from lack of time maybe.


Debby said...

Will look forward to seeing the finished result. Wouldn't mind a look at the fabric too - it is mentioned so often in blogland.

Nikki said...

We'd better organise a coffee next week then :)

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