Friday, 18 June 2010

New Look 6179 #2

Well I did manage to make this top in time for my lunch but as usual it was touch and go. 

This being the second (third if you count the toile) time I’d made this one it came together fairly quickly. It would have been even quicker had I not made a bit of a mess of attaching the bias binding the first time round. Since the binding was also made from the Anna Maria Horner voile it didn’t really survive being taken off by a very tired and somewhat hacked off sew quine. I ended up just turning a small hem to make the casing for the drawstring at the neck which actually turned out pretty well. 

I decided that I didn’t really like either of the long sleeve options so I traced the outline for version B straightening out the flare at the end and ignoring the use of elastic. I think this top would also look good with ¾ length sleeves, you never know I might make another one.

So the Anna Maria Horner voile is truly lovely and I would definitely use it again. This was my first time making bias binding and I will do that again too for many reasons but mostly because trying to colour match binding online is a tricky business. If I was to making binding again from a delicate fabric like this I would make the strips a bit wider to make it easier to work with.

I'd love to acquire dress form at some point then I wouldn't have to try and take photos of myself.. oh and because it would help when doing hems etc and it would look nice in my room too.


Debby said...

And very nice it looks too!

Nikki said...

Thanks Debby :)

Helen said...

It really is very nice indeed! I was thinking about this dress form thing, because they're so expensive. I saw someone on line somewhere making a dress form by wearing a bin bag over their normal underwear & then wrapping duct tape round and round, really tightly. It looked like it worked!

Nikki said...

Oh now that you mention it I did see something about a duct tape version..... shall go and have a look, thanks for that Helen :)

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