Friday, 7 October 2011

star mug rug

I don't seem to have done very much this week but I have finished my first mug rug. I used the star block for the front and some of my favourite favourite Ruby Star Rising for the back. The binding is from the Annie's Farm collection. I got this FQ from The Bramble Patch  which has a massive range of fabrics and possibly the fastest delivery ever.

star mug rug

It's very lightly quilted, just once round the outside of the star and then inside the central square. I know it's only one block and compared to the amazing quilts that you see out there in blogland it's incredibly simple but to me it's step forward towards advancing my meagre quilting skills. I'm thinking a sampler quilt would be a really good idea, although a longer term project it is the ideal way to learn new skills and try out new blocks.

I wanted to learn how to attach quilt binding totally by machine as I found my hands incredibly sore last time I did the hand stitching on the back of my Arcadia Quilt. The idea was to not only save my hands but time as too. Well I lost count of the number of times this binding had to be taken on and off, frustrating or what and not time saving at all. I tried various techniques and in the end I reckon this one here by Red Pepper Quilts is the one for me. I will say that I still can't manage to stitch in the ditch neatly so I stopped trying and just stitch very closely to the edge of the binding on the front and I'm happy with the results.

back of star mug rug

Also this week my Aurifil from Felicity Quilts arrived yipee! I've not managed to try it out yet but it does look lovely don't you think?


It's a short one from me today, like I say I've not had the most productive week and the schools are off next week so things aren't likely to improve on the wips any time soon.

Bye for now

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Crafted by Carly said...

Hi there,
It's a very lovely mug rug! The colours are gorgeous - red, light blue and white is my favourite colour combo!
Beautiful, neat stitching on the back - you're a very clever lady!!!
Have a good weekend!

Katy Cameron said...

Cute, and love that binding fabric, what is it?

Rebecca Lynne said...

This mugrug is gorgeous. I love your fabric choices. Machine binding can be faster can't it? I always feel I should hand bind but when in a rush...well...I fudge it. Will have to read up on Red Peppers method.

susan said...

The mug rug is lovely. Something does not have to be elaborate to be beautiful. I love it!

Indianna said...

I love the way the background fabric looks like all one continuous bit - even though it is pieced, I guess it is because the pattern repeat is so small. It also makes the star look appliqu├ęd on. Beautiful :o)

Toni said...

I love the mug rug! Fabulous fabrics and colors! I've been trying to get better at machine binding, too. After spending too much time with the seam ripper on my last quilt, I decided that the next time I was going to sew it to the back first, then stitch close to the edge on the front like you've done since I can't seem to catch the back binding neatly if I sew on the front both times. Excellent thread, especially the variegated!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I love the fabrics you chose for this. That binding was an awesome choice. Really cute mug rug :)

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