Wednesday, 19 October 2011

pay it forward

Last week were away up north for the school holidays to visit friends and family. When we got back look what was waiting for me.

PIF wrapped

It's my Pay it Forward gift from Susan at Canadian Abroad. I was tempted to rip straight into the parcel but was a good blogger and waited to take pictures first.

PIF unwrapped

Feast your eyes on these lovely goodies. There's gorgeous crochet bunting in wonderful colours. The cotton yarn is lovely and soft with a slight sheen to it. This is now hanging across the sewing room window and looking lovely. I've only dabbled slightly in crochet well that's an exaggeration I made one granny square and my wrist went "nooooo please don't do that again!"

PIF pin cushion

Also included was this very cute pincushion which is now living next to my sewing machine. I did have to convince Jamie that this was not actually a pillow (he did try it out and voted it a success). He also reckoned it'd be an ideal pillow for a mouse and or a rest for the golf ball he found on holiday. Apparently at nursery they've been encouraging the kids to use their imagination which he certainly is doing.

Needless to say the chocolate didn't survive very long at all, I mean it's just wrong to have Green & Blacks in the house and not eat it asap.

So it's a big big thank you to Susan and it's now my turn to Pay it Forward.

Now I did post as soon as I signed up to Susan's PIF but on reflection I should have waited for my gift to arrive first. So I already have RachaelMara and Sarah signed up to receive gifts from me. So girls I'll be working on your gifts over the next wee while so keep an eye out for the postie.

Bye for now

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Toni said...

Glad you had fun on your holiday! Isn't it great to come home to exciting mail? Makes the end of vacation a little more bearable! Your PIF gift looks great! I was introduced to Green & Blacks in the Goodie Swap and, yes, it didn't stand a chance in this house!

Crafted by Carly said...

Love the bunting!!!

Sew,ray,me said...

Oh, that is a surprise - I'd completely forgotten signing up for that!

The goodies you received are lovely, the pincushion is so sweet and as you'll know I'm a big fan of bunting!

Katy Cameron said...

Ooh, lucky girl!

Indianna said...

What a lovely idea - especially as it is a suprise when all the goodies arrive. Also no pressure as to when to finish it by.

susan said...

Glad you liked what I made. Hope you have as much fun making for your PIFs.

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