Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I took a tiny break

So I took an a tiny blog break, well I kind of bailed out of blogs, pinterest, twitter, instagram in general. Do you get that over whelmed feeling sometimes, I certainly do? Don't get me wrong I love the internet, so much inspiration, so many great people, so many pretty pictures but sometimes instead of feeling inspired I feel overwhelmed.

I found I was trying to fit more and more in to my day so that I didn't feel constantly on the back foot, always falling behind, jumping on a bandwagon only to be left trailing behind as everyone was already moving onto the next 'thing'........ so I stepped back for a bit.......

I went to the library and found some nice books to leaf through.


I met friends and took time out to relax, I'm not to good at the relaxing stuff, it doesn't seem very productive. I've started pilates again which I'm really pleased about, I really do feel the benefit, it takes a while to get into but I do highly recommend it. I'm now helping out once a week at school with a great bunch of ladies sorting out the library. As a family we've made a conscious effort to get out and socialise a lot more and also to try and unplug from ipods, internet etc even just for a short while (the teens are too keen on this idea in truth but too bad).

So I'm now looking at working out where I'm going with Sew Quine and with The Ochil Tree. At the moment I'm spending a lot of time working on things for The Ochil Tree which is eating into my 'sewing for me time' but that's how it needs to be just now.

There's a load of unfinished projects hanging about and I don't want to hammer through them to get to the finish line, I want to enjoy the process a bit more. I don't want the things that I do for fun to end up being another chore or job on the to-do-list.

It's not all be navel gazing though I have found time to cut some more fabric for a couple of swoon blocks, I'm trying out a different cutting plan ie making 4 HSTs at a time and having a go at the No Waste Flying Geese method, I'll let you know how that works out.


Anyway what does this all add up to apart from realising 'I ain't no superwoman' I'm not sure but currently I'm thinking I'm going to blog more about the day to day process and goings on here rather than focusing on finishes so much.

I do hope you're all doing fine,

Bye for now

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PS I've had to turn on comment moderation as I'm getting lots of spam comments most of which Blogger is doing a very good job of blocking but for a while I'm going to try moderating just to make sure none get through.


Toni said...

I think that sounds like a great plan, Nikki! I have definitely been feeling the urge to DO more and blog less. Though IG always sneaks its way in. And why is it that everyone's libraries have so many more modern books that mine? I believe the newest sewing book in our library is from the 90s! I am a big fan of the no-waste method for flying geese. Somehow, they come out much more accurate for me that way, and the waste from the other way annoys me. Longest comment ever? Anyway, glad you are enjoying yourself!!

Canadian Abroad said...

I certainly understand where you are coming from. I still get overwhelmed sometimes but have come to some conclusions to control it. If I fall behind on blog reading - I just click the All Read button. I will not do Twitter. I all but completely stopped fb. Instagram I like but if I am not on it for day's on end that's fine. I have stopped joining swaps except occasionally. Same for QALs. So far it is working to bring back a balance. Hope you find a happy place that works for you too.

Crafted by Carly said...

Well, I'm glad you're back! :-)
Blogging DOES take a lot of time AND put some pressure on, doesn't it?!? I like your plan of posting more about what's 'in progress' rather than just on finished projects.
I hope it'll work for you!

Debby said...

Great to see you back blogging Nikki and working out the kinks :)

Katy Cameron said...

To be honest, the main reason I blog is because the millions of men I work with daily couldn't give a shit about sewing lol And heck, I certainly don't just post finishes (no, I post disembodied heads, with holes in them ;o) )

BTW, you can turn off moderation, just turn off anonymous comments, ie in Blogger choose to only allow Registered Users to comment.

Indianna said...

Happy to see you back. Great selection of library books, our library has some good ones, but it's 50p to reserve them. I've been spending far too much time on the Internet looking at what everyone else has achieved and not actually making much myself.

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