Friday, 11 January 2013

first makes of the year

It's been lovely to get back to some sewing this week. Even better was the fact I was using my new machine, yes I was a very lucky girl and got a new sewing machine during the holidays. Here's the photo I gleefully posted on Instagram when hubbie arrived home with it. It is rather fantastic and has oodles of functions that my old machine doesn't have. I don't think I'll ever tire of the auto thread cutter - it's magic and now my floor is no longer covered in thread yay!

My new janome TXL 607-  It's so fab I think i may faint  :)

I'm still getting to know her and after a small falling out when she had to go back to the shop at the beginning of the week we are getting on well. The feed dogs suddenly decided to drop in the middle of sewing and flat refused to come back up again but all fixed now.

One of the new functions I have to play with is lettering so I put this to use while making my niece's birthday present. I'd had it in my mind to make her either a book bag or a softie and my brother voted for the book bag as she already has a teddy that is much loved so a new soft toy would more than likely not make the grade.


I used some great fabric that I've had stashed for ages which is covered cute houses, flowers and flowers and some glitter too. Funny how things work out but the books that Jamie helped choose for his cousin also had glitter on each page.

So you don't have to turn your head upside down it says 'lets go to the library'.

Due to the delay caused by the feed dog issue I was a bit close to the wire with posting Tamar's present but give the Royal Mail their due, 1st class post to Shetland arrived the very next day!!


My other make this week is a Michelle Pattern Mini Pleated Pouch. I love the mini version, very cute! I wasn't planning on putting this one in the shop as it was a trial run but it came out perfectly so into the shop it went. I'm planning some linen combo ones and I might add some hand stitching to them I think

pleated pouch Collage

Well I know have to go and complete the online food shop which I've decided to give a go as we all dread the weekly shop so much. It could take a while but I'm hoping it'll free up our weekend a bit and stop the moaning, winging and desperate cry for 'SWEETIES' ...urgh!

Bye for now and have a good weekend

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Canadian Abroad said...

Brilliant book bag, and congrats on the new machine. Enjoy your weekend.

Katy Cameron said...

Happy new toy! Love where you used the lettering, I totally forget mine can even do that - doh!

Cindy said...

That's a really great bag! Happy days ahead for you and your new machine :)

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