Wednesday, 14 November 2012

swap goodies

Just pretend that there's hasn't been a full week between posts even though I said last Tuesday I'd be back tomorrow...  well you know how it is.

Anyway I struck it lucky in the Mouthy Stitches swap and received a gorgeous tote from Sarah at FairyFaceDesigns. I had an inkling when I saw the post mark and then even just peeking through the tissue paper I knew what gorgeousness was waiting inside.

received - mouthy stitches 2

Nice ain't it and wait there's more, look at the back...

received - mouthy stitches 2

Then there's the inside, 

received - mouthy stitches 2

See I told you I got lucky, oodles of my favourite fabrics, great quilting, hand stitching, scrappy and full of colour against a grey background and oh circles too. I totally forgot to photograph the key fob which is a crime as it's blinking cute, nip over to sarah's blog for a squint and a run down on her making of this bag.

It's been a total nightmare getting photos taken here lately, honestly it's grey and half dark and mostly raining all the time, grrr! 

I'm not getting much in the way of sewing for me done at the moment so there's not much to share with you. I've booked a stall at a local fund raising event and I'm desperately trying to make enough stock for that. This'll be my first attempt at selling directly to the public so I'm as bit nervous about the whole thing. Although I will probably have met most of the ladies before at various toddler groups etc so it's probably the best venue for a first table sale.

So this year I'm not planning on making many Christmas gifts for my family. What about you, are you well under way with the Christmas gift making?

bye for now

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Susan Standen said...

I am so happy you got such a brilliant tote. Best of luck at the sale. You make beautiful stuff so I am sure it will go well.

Indianna said...

Love the bag and the fabrics are fantastic. Good luck with the stall

Katy Cameron said...

Fab wee tote! Hope the sale goes well :o) As for making, I'm hoping my grandmothers will embrace the whole 'foreign gifts' thing this year rather than home made, although I'm hoping to make my parents a quilt for their bed...

Cindy said...

This is such a super bag! I am thrilled that it's found a good home!

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