Friday, 13 April 2012

Quick Keyka Lou is having a sale

Michelle of Keyka Lou is celebrating the 4th anniversary of setting up her business and luckily for us she's celebrating by having a sale. All her patterns are currently only $5 dollars or £3.16 for us UK folks.

That's including her new pattern for the Padded Camera Pouch which has only been out a week or so. I know I've said it before but I rate Michelle's patterns very highly so now would be an excellent time to try on about if you're thinking about it.

Which are my favourite patterns from Keyka Lou? At the moment I can't see past the Zip Pocket Pouch which is fantastic, it's proved very popular in the shop and is so very cute.

The Bucket Bag of course is another great one. I tried to retire my Melody Miller Bucket Bag as it's been my everyday bag for ages now but after one day I dug it out again as it's just so practical. I love the front pocket and the fact that it stands up on it's own which is great when you're rummaging around trying to find stuff.
Also the Grocery bag, I've made heaps of these and Michelle recently updated the pattern to add 2 new sizes.

The Messenger Bag is another favourite and I'm planning a Ruby Star Shining Typewriter one for me and also a Lu Summers Summersville one as well.


If you want to see more versions of bags made to Michelle's patterns then check out her blog of course and the Flickr Group and also on one of Michelle's Pinterest boards, you might recognise a couple there :)

I'll be back with some ACTUAL sewing soon as I've started Jamie's quilt for his birthday. I would have had some progress to show today if I hadn't made a stupid `to late to be cutting stuff out' mistake the other night :( I'm now waiting for one last piece of fabric to arrive.

Bye for now

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Indianna said...

Thanks for the heads up - Lots have disappeared from my Google reader and I have not updated. I went over with the intention of buying 2 patterns.....and ended up buying 3!

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