Friday, 18 November 2011

going dotty!

dot painting 2

Yesterday my youngest and I had a bit of fun with fabric paint. It was a quick wee project which was a bit late in the day really. It's Children in Need today and there was a fund raising non uniform day at school. The idea was to come to school dressed as dotty as possible. Now that was pretty easy for my daughter  but not so simple for my wee boy. I of course was not as prepared as I should have been so about 7ish last night we dug out the fabric paints and an old pair of jeans and a surprisingly white t-shirt and got dotty.

dot painting 1

He had great fun and was so pleased with his outfit. To be honest I had great fun too and it was lovely to see his wee face when it was finished. I think we'll be doing more fabric painting very soon but I've hidden them for now just in case he decides to have another go without me.

mr dotty

Bye for now

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susan said...

Oh bless, how lovely. Hope a great time was had. And on that note I've just realised the girls missed their school fundraiser. They will be gutted. Enough of the germs!

Crafted by Carly said...

Looks like LOTS of fun! :-)

abercrombie said...

Good idea. How lovely of a small boy!

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