Thursday, 15 September 2011

this weeks progress

Well I think this wip Wednesday thing is really helping me make progress with my projects obviously I'm now a day late with this post but I'll ignore that if you can.

cosmo cushion cover

cosmo detail

cosmo cricket cushion cover
The top is now finished, quilted and I even dug out the serger and finished the edges. Just need to get a concealed zipper now so this should be completed by next week.

dead simple qal
Colours chosen, order with Sew Fresh Fabrics will be placed today (best deal I could find to buy fat quarters and that's including postage to the UK).

wip cross body bag

keyka lou cross body bag
Outer is completed, lining ready to sew, handles to cut

noodlehead 241 tote
gym bag for youngest

no progress
boy quilt
dresden qal
all those things I was going to make for the shop

noodlehead go anywhere bag

hmmm thought I'd finished more than this, never mind I'm definately making more progres than last month so musn't complain.

Oh and I thought I'd just mention that I'm another year older on Saturday (groan!) so to celebrate I thought I'd have a little giveaway so stay tuned ;)

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Jenniffier said...

I like the cosmo cricket cushion. It is looking great. Oh and don't worry I am often late on the Wednesday post ups too :)

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