Monday, 12 September 2011

the dead simple QAL- I can't resist any longer

dsq palette

Well I know I'm not great at QALs, the first one took me a year to complete and the other two are far from finished. I start wth great enthusiasm but fairly rapidly get distracted and eventually the QAL project ends up at the back of the wip pile. This time however I was already planning a quilt for my daughter  along the same lines as Lynne's Dead Simple QAL anyway. So I'm jumping on the QAL train with more optimism than normal of reaching destination 'completed project'. 

The idea behind the Dead Simple QAL is to choose a palette of colours and then choose your fabric based on the palette. The actual quilt design is very simply made up of squares so the colours will be doing the talking.

The palette I've chosen is taken for my daughter's current bedding and to be honest the colours are well out of my comfort zone. I usually go for one main colour (unless I've bought a precut bundle where the colours are chosen for me) and the rest is very tonal so this jamboree of different colours is a bit scary. 

I used Picnik to  make up my palette but there are loads of beautiful pre-made palettes on Design Seeds and also Photo Card Boutique many of which I've added to my Pinterest board for future use. Why not give it a go and pop along to the Lily's Quilts flickr group to see other palettes and fabric choices.

I'm off to waste a few hours choosing fabric.

Hope you've had a great weekend, see you soon.

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susan said...

I love those colours. Smack dab in the middle of my comfort zone!

kristastitched said...

Looks amazing? You're blog looks fantastic and streamlined on my iPhone. Is there a reason for that? looks like it's an ap or something, lol

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