Friday, 13 May 2011

so I'm not a domestic goddess after all

At the beginning of the week I was starting to think I had this baking thing down. However today I discovered that I most certainly do not. Remember the lovely lemon tray bake, well I thought I'd just rustle one up today for my friend and her little boy coming round. I also thought (being that I'm superhuman) I could also hover, clean, iron, do some washing etc etc at the same time. Guess who realised she hadn't done much in the way of housework recently? So the cake went in the oven I rushed about like a woman possessed, took the cake out of the oven and dashed off to collect Jamie from playgroup. When I came back (thinking to myself how clever and multitasking I was) I took one look at the cake and realised I'd taken it out too soon and it was all sunken and flat looking and when i cut into it I realised it wasn't even cooked. Aaaaaaaargh!

Never mind, I can just make another one so second cake goes into the oven. Karen arrived and I regaled her with what a dunce I'd been but that it was ok another cake would be along shortly. Hah! What did I do yup the same thing again. Honestly what a waste of eggs. However I figured it could still be rescued by adding loads of jam reheating it and adding some custard so it could be served up for pudding tonight. Cunning plan you'd think but no I then managed to stuff up making the custard, thin watery and tastless (if you discount the burnt flavour) totally not custard like in any way. Kirstin reckons it was just Friday 13th cursing my cooking I'm not sure.

Meanwhile the dog had made a bed out of the remaining ironing and the house is now trashed again. You see this is why it's not worth doing housework

Ho hum, never mind it's the weekend soon I do hope your Friday was more successful than mine :)

Bye for now

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susan said...

Housework is a thankless task and to be avoided whenever possible. That is my mantra and I try to stick to it. 

sewquine said...

I'll be back to avoiding as much as I can now too. I keep trying to train the kids to help but no success so far.  

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