Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Guess what..... more cushion covers.

materials for making cushion covers

I've made some more cushion covers, I know I think I have a problem. Actually I am finally making some headway with plans I've had for a long time to make cushion covers for our living room. A friend very kindly gave me loads of cushion inserts because she was allergic to the feathers in them. These inserts have been in the loft for a year now waiting patiently for me to make covers for them. So I'm now on a roll and armed with my new piping foot I am churning out covers, well maybe not that much but here are another two.

I have to say that Echino make the most fantastic fabrics, this particular one is I think my favourite fabric of all time....at the moment. This project started as a way to use a piece of the wonderful Echino fabric bundle that I won from The Eternal Maker. I now think I'll have to make a bag from this fabric too, oh dear!

Anyway I hope you're having lots of stitching time.

Bye for now



Trisha said...

Those pillows turned out so great! I love that fabric too! Its so cheerful :)

sewquine said...

Thanks Trisha :)

pingsandneedles said...

I love Echino too .. so much so that I can't bear to cut into the new bits I've got (I bought from the eternal maker too!) ... you've inspired me ... tonight's the night LOL

Love that print too ... they look great as cushion covers ...

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