Sunday, 5 December 2010

innocent crush

Anna Maria Horner’s latest collection Innocent Crush has hit the UK. Time to hide your wallet and shout ‘don’t need more fabric, don’t need more fabric' over and over until you either forget about it or just give in and buy some after all. These designs are very different style wise from her last collection but they are still stunning none the less. Look at Anna Maria's Shop for pictures of the whole range and her blog for wonderful items made from the fabric, I'm loving the Figuring the 8 scarf.

innocent crush

I received a parcel from Hawthorne Threads from the US a week or so ago containing 2 yards of my current favourite,  Maybe in Sixpence Voile. The voiles are something special, wonderful for dressmaking but I’ve seen beautiful quilts and baby blankets made from it too. They are so soft and silky and the colours just seem to sing on this fabric.


I was going to use a photo of the actual fabric but the hard drive on my netbook has gone bye-bye and my photos were on it. I was also hoping to share a scarf I’ve just finished using some voile from AMH’s previous collection Little Folks but guess what those photos have gone too.

Moving swiftly on… These voiles are now available in the UK, yipee! You can currently get them along with the whole cotton range at M is for make, very tempted by this one, Shattered in Sky. Some lovely bundles there too with 11 fat quarters of cotton for the price of 10.


Also Seamstar have the whole collection of cotton fabrics (no voiles as far as I can tell) with some rather nice bundle options like the complete collection in 1/8 meter strips.

I wonder if anyone will be getting the velveteen range in as they look very nice, lovely for winter.

Well I must go but not before I say hello and thank you to all my new followers. I’m really glad that the giveaway is going well, was a little bit worried nobody would like the fabric – silly I know as it is gorgeous but first giveaway nerves I guess.

Bye for now



Amber said...

I am loving AMH lately too (obvious)! I have never even felt voile before, if you can believe that. I wish I enjoyed sewing apparel or anything else besides quilts because I can't seem to justify buying so much voile for a quilt top! Maybe if I felt it I would? Maybe it's better if I never know it's luxury...

eternal maker said...

Hi Nikki
Just to let you know you have won our giveaway ( if you let me know your address we will send it to you as soon as poss!
anna x

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