Monday, 13 December 2010

echino arrived today

The post has been pretty erratic around here but I’ll let them off since my prize from The Eternal Maker arrived today.

eternal maker 1 picnik

These Echino fabrics are stunning, really stunning and they will not linger in the stash very long I can tell you.

eternal maker 2pk corners

These 2 are my favourites, the left hand one will be used as part of a cushion cover so that I can look at it all the time when I’m in the living room. the right hand one I’m not totally sure what I’m planning for it but I don’t want to chop up the pattern so I may even just frame it.

eternal maker 3 corners

Seriously if you have not stashed any of this fabric I would recommend it big time, it is Christmas after all. Anyway thank you again to The Eternal Maker so glad I found your blog and fabric shop.

echino collage

Bye for now


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