Friday, 10 December 2010

and the winner is…..

I just want to say how great it is that so many of you have joined in my very first giveaway. It’s been lovely seeing all the posts and new followers and I hope you stay and enjoy my blog and of course look out for more giveaways.

So my youngest picked out a winner…

Jennifer I’ll be sending you an email just in case you’ve not seen this so I can get your address details and get your fabric in the post.

Anyway I’d better go, tea to make and junior seems especially grumpy tonight so I should go and stop him driving everyone crazy.

Bye for now



So artes said...

It wasn't this time, but I'm happy because I found your beautiful blog.
congrats for the winner!

abercrombie said...

Pretty colors give us new idea,add luster for our life. And found in your blog!

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