Monday, 29 November 2010

photo books

blurb_logo_smallI was roaming the internet and came across Blurb which looks like a fantastic way to produce your own photo albums or even make your own book. 

The site itself has a gorgeously clean look to it and is very easy to navigate. There are video tutorials on how to use the software and some sample books that allow you to flick through the pages. I’ve not used Blurb so I’ve no idea what their service is like but I am very tempted to try them some time.


Has anyone tried making one of these and have any recommendations? Now that I have a better camera I really would like to actually print some of the photos I take and this looks like the ideal way.

Anyway better go, bye for now



Christina said...

Hey, found your website when I was searching for photo books. I found some great deals on photo books on both and KGB (They both offered smilebooks deals) so I assume they must be good. Anyway, thanks for finding Blurb looks cool too!

Nikki said...

Hi Christina, thanks for that I'll have a look at them too.

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