Monday, 15 November 2010

A couple of pencil cases

It's been pretty busy here so sewing time has been limited but I have managed to rustle up a couple of pencil cases. Zipper pouches were one of the first things I made when I started sewing again a couple of years ago. My daughter managed to lose her pencil case and since I have tonnes of fabric and a big bag of zips I couldn't justify buying her one. The panda fabric has been in the stash for some time but I love it. I backed the outer fabric with Vilene White Firm Flexible Iron-on - 2VS320 which I think will be my new 'go to' bag interfacing.

I knew I'd made these before but adding the zip does require a bit of thought, not because it's difficult just because you have to remember which way up to lay the fabric pieces and to have the zip open when stitching the outer edges so you can turn the whole thing the right side out. It's always easier to learn from someone showing you how do something and this is where YouTube comes to the rescue once again. I used this tutorial (I tried to embed  this but no joy) more or less and it was very useful.

My youngest had a birthday party to go to and I thought the fat quarter I had of  My Minds Eye - Wheels - Road in White would be perfect  for another pencil case so i made another one. Ages ago I bought various solid colour fat quarters for a yet to be started quilt project. Many of them were not the colour I thought they were so were added to the stash and boy do they come in handy now. The lining on the panda pencil case is black Kona Cotton left over from the halloween bunting and the lining for the car version is moda, can't remember the colour.

If you find yourself ordering solids that turn out not to be the colour you're after then the Kona Cotton Colour Card could be just the ticket. I bought one from Simply Solids,  it means you can colour match exactly the right colour but also just look at it, all those gorgeous colours grouped so nicely, lovely!

Anyway I'd better go, been on the computer far too long again, bye for now.



Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

So adorable! Love the pandas and the cars!

monica said...

super cute. i love love love the pandas!


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