Monday, 28 June 2010

Little Smarty Pants

I've been planning on making some shorts for my youngest for a while and spurred on by the Make it Wear it Challenge I made the first of many pairs from the Little Smarty Pants Pattern from Favourite Things. I think I might have been a bit erratic in my tracing out of the pattern pieces as they didn't quite match up at the side seams and crotch. This is what comes of tracing out patterns on the living room carpet instead of on the table.

Anyway I've learned a few new things, like adding side pockets and a cute way of making turn ups and next time I'll make the elastic at the waist a bit tighter. I'm glad I chose the belt loop option as junior does seem to need a belt with all trousers since he doesn't have a cloth nappy to hold them up any more.

I'm really pleased with them and so is he, thankfully. Now to make some more and just think of all the cute prints I can justify buying now!

On another note I've been exploring flickr a bit more recently and I know I'm a bit  behind but what a lot of inspiration there is there. I've joined a few groups and it just shows just how many people out there are sewing like mad and making wonderful things...aaah if only there more hours in the day. I'm going to have to write down a list of projects I want to complete before my head explodes I think either that or stop browsing the internet for a while so I don't keep adding that's going to happen!


Mandy said...

The shorts look wonderful. I do like that fabric. It is such a good idea to have the belt loops - having a belt will feel so much more grown up.

Nikki said...

Thanks Mandy :)

Shari said...

Love the shorts---fantastic work! I rushed off to check out this pattern only to find it only runs up to size 12 (which means I'd only get the use of the pattern this summer). I also love the fabric you used. Did you purchase it online? Very apppealing for a boy!

Nikki said...

Hi Shari
Thanks for your comments :)I found the sizing runs quite big so you never know they might fit for longer than you think. Also I'm sure there's an adult version too so that might be of use too. I bought the fabric from a UK based fabric coop but it was from a US supplier. You might be able to contact her through her flickr id goodstuffshere.Doesn't look like she has any more though atm.

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