Friday, 10 August 2012

birthday time again

It's birthday time again which means my daughter is now 12, yes 12!! She's off to High School in a week or so which she's really looking forward to but I just can't get my head round it at all.


Mostly what she wanted was money to buy clothes so her actual number of presents isn't that huge but that's the way it goes as they get older. I got her a couple of surprise presents one of which was some Cherry Chocolate Marshmallows, these are a gorgeous treat (made in Edinburgh) and the seller Maggie is lovely and the were posted out super fast. I didn't manage to get a photo before we'd sampled some so the bag is minus 4 marshmallows not half empty.

Melody Miller/Michelle Patterns Messenger Bag

As I mentioned in my last post she requested a bag made with the same melody Miller print as my 241 Tote so I dutifully complied. I used the Michelle Patterns Messenger Bag pattern and that worked out really well as it used up the bit of fabric left over from my 241 Tote - I love it when I can completely use up a whole cut of fabric - so does my scrap box it's bursting at the seams.

Melody Miller/Michelle Patterns Messenger Bag

Here's the bag next to the jeans she wanted we honestly didn't realise at the time that they matched her bag. If anyone is trying to find jeans to fit slim kids H & M is the place to go, in fact the only place we can get jeans that fit and still have adjustable waists even at age 10 (yes she is quite petite so still not in age 12 clothes).

Melody Miller/Michelle Patterns Messenger Bag

I left of the side pockets this time (here's my first version so you can see what I mean) as I wanted it to be a more simple bag but of course now I'm thinking maybe I should have added them - perfectionist me - never! Anyway apart from that I made it exactly as it's written in the pattern, next time I might use a magnetic snap instead of a button maybe.

Melody Miller/Michelle patterns Messenger Bag

The inside flap is some red Summerville Hatch and the lining is Klona cotton in Crimson. I used cotton batting and Vilene G700 (SF101 equivalent) interfacing. The outer is some denim that has been a half made skirt for me for about 20 years which needless to say would never have fitted after all this time so I was really glad to find a use for it.

Melody Miller/Michelle Patterns Messenger Bag

Kirstin's has a really chilled birthday with lots of junk food, popcorn, fizzy juice, visits from family, a friend over for a Harry Potter marathon, not sure when that'll finish so just as well it's a sleepover too.


Oh and of course cake, you've got to have cake, it's the law you know ;)

Bye for now
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Susan Standen said...

Oh a very happy birthday to your 12 year old. Love the bag and the cake looks lush! Hope a good time was had by all.

Cindy said...

Oh wow there's so much here that makes me happy! I love, love love your messenger bag. Great, great make!
Suddenly I have an overwhelming craving for cake! I'm off!

Indianna said...

Another great bag and it's good that you managed to use up the skirt fabric. You can't beat a good bit of recycling. Hope the sleepover wasn't too stressful and that you managed to polish off some cake too!

Kelsey said...

What a cute bag and a beautiful cake - happy birthday too her!

needle and nest said...

Happy Birthday to your sweetie! The bag is lovely and the cake looks so yummy!

Katy Cameron said...

Absolutely love the bag! Knowing the size of you though, are you even out of the age 10 stuff? ;o)

Janet said...

I want, I want, I want!!

Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! I adore the bag, beautiful!

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