Wednesday, 21 September 2011

wednesday catch up

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It's Wednesday again already! How did that happen? It must be a sign of old age but really the weeks are flying past. I'm rather terrified by the sight of Christmas (yes I did say it) stock appearing in the shops aaargh! I know people who have already started their Christmas shopping - oh no that's twice I've said it now! I refuse to do anything about it until at least Halloween is past but then that's probably why I'm always burning the midnight oil so close to the 25th (trying not to say it again). I shouldn't think it'll be any different this year but you never know.

completed cosmo cushion

Anyway after that sidetracked paragraph and onto some sewing. Well finally my cosmo cushion cover is finished ya ho! It seems to have taken an inordinate amount of time really but I guess I've learned quite a few things while making it and I am rather pleased with it.

I know a disappearing 9 patch isn't exactly rocket science but it was new to me and I will be using it again. I also learned to do tiny stitches at the beginning and end of quilting rows so that you don't have a zillion threads to tie off.  I used cotton curtain lining fabric on the back of the quilting sandwich and also to line the backing fabric. I'd do this again as it gives the cover a nice substantial feel to it and makes sure there's no feathers poking through which is good since I'll be sitting on this one everyday while at the sewing machine.

concealed zipper woo hoo

I've also now fitted my first concealed zipper yay! I won't say that I got it right first time as I didn't. My hubbie tried to help but soon realised that he'd be better off making a cup of tea instead as I ranted at my own ineptitude. It turns out that all I'd done wrong was to not flatten the coil of the zip enough as it was going through the zipper foot and when I corrected this it went in no problem at all.

wip cross body bag

So what else is going on ? Well I've only got the lining to sew in on my Keyka Lou cross body bag, which is good right? It is but I'm totally underwhelmed by it :( It looks really boring! The inside look great but the outside is a bit meh! Now this has nothing at all to do with the pattern, it's great as all Michelle's patterns are, no it's my reserved choice of outer fabrics that's the issue. I had thought of adding a fabric flower perhaps but I'm not sure that's really me or I have a cute button or two I could add. We'll see what happens, I'm sure something will come to me soon I hope.

There's no progress on any other projects so far this week but I do have several posts to write about some birthday purchases oh! and my 241 tote which I've not shown you and also I've still not blogged about the fabric swap I was in last month.


So I hope you're having a productive sewing week  and that I've not bored you to death with my ramblings today. I'd like to finish by saying "hi there and welcome" to new followers and thank you to all followers new and old for entering the birthday giveaway!

bye for now
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Toni said...

Oooh, I love the Cosmo Cricket pillow! Their fabrics are so fun and colorful. Congratulations on the concealed zipper! Looks great!

If Toys Could Talk said...

That pillow is too cute. As to early Christmas shopping... well, I try to avoid all those show-offs. ;) Sure, they're done early but... well... okay, so they're organized and put together and stuff. That's why I avoid them! Hahaha.

Sew,ray,me said...

Oooh, the cushion looks amazing! I love it. The quilting on it is lovely too, and it just looks so comfy!

Your hidden zipper is very....hidden. I *thought* i'd done hidden zippers before...but now I realise that mine weren't hidden at all - not by your standards!

susan said...

I am sooooooo impressed with that zip. Can you come over and talk me through it please?!

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