Tuesday, 19 April 2011

plenty sewing but not much blogging

I've fallen behind with the old blog posts again. How do all you amazing bloggers manage to keep up with your sewing and manage to blog too? I write lots of blog posts in my head, while I'm busy doing mum stuff, but the majority of them don't make the cut. Days go past and things become old news or there's new stuff to write about that I don't know how I would fit it all in or link it together.  I do admire people out there that manage to sew and blog with great style and content. I need to get myself a magic wand, get organised or mostly stop blabbering on and get writing :)


Anyway I have done some sewing and have managed to rustle up another Keyka lou shopping bag. The first one I made was adopted by my daughter and the the most recent by my mum so I need to make myself one too. I have in fact got another three cut out waiting to be sewn. Michelle has a sale on at the moment, a great excuse to try out one of her patterns if you haven't already. I'm a bit late telling you this as the sale ends tomorrow (20th April), sorry told you I was a bit behind.

I also finally made the backpack I've been promising junior for forever. I didn't really enjoy making this one. I'm gutted to say that as I really thought I'd make loads of these as they look so cute. I fell out with it several times and every time I look at it now it just annoys me. From a distance it looks fine but on closer inspection my seam allowances are all over the place there are puckers and wonky bits and generally it's a bit blah! I made life really hard for myself by adding plastic canvas to the base which made seaming the base really difficult. I should have made the plastic smaller I guess or rounded the corners or something.

Todays sewing has been going fairly well except that I'm slightly hampered by the iron going phut! I've resorted to using the edge of my scissors to flatten the zillion and a half seams on my current project humpf!

Never mind new iron tomorrow (thanks Mum) I wonder if she can sort out our broadband connection too.

That's it for now, see you soon folks

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