Tuesday, 21 September 2010

kids clothes week challenge - day 2

Well I did manage to shoe-horn an hours sewing into today. I've started on another All-The-Rage-Raglan and spurred on by your encouraging comments I did actually use the overlocker again. I'll say this very quietly so it can't hear me but things seemed to be going a bit better today.

I had thought I'd get this one finished today but it'll have to wait for tomorrow as my youngest is a bit under the weather and I daren't wake him up with the noise of the overlocker.  I also have to remind myself that it's about sewing for an hour a day not completing a project per day. This time I'm using some cute Ninja fabric for the body and once again some re-purposed fabric and ribbing from another unloved t-shirt of my husbands for the sleeves and collar. The family may have to lock their wardrobes shortly as I raid them for knit fabric/ribbing to re-use.

I'm thinking I'll just keep making these t-shirts this week until I get the hang of it. I do tend to jump from project to project each time having to learn new techniques so really getting to grips with such a useful pattern will be good I think.

Anyway take a look at the kcwc flickr pool to see lots and lots of very cute kids clothes.

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