Monday, 26 July 2010

Bonnie coloured play dough

On my long list of blogs that I follow on google reader a post came up the other day on making your own play dough. However this one was a wee bit different in that it also explained how to colour it with naturally made dyes. I thought 'nice idea' and then forgot about it. On Sunday junior decided to drag out the shop bought playdough from the art box only to find that it was now no longer dough but more like crumble. The ideal opportunity to try out the home-made version I thought.

I have made this before but not using natural dyes, it turns out the natural dyes are real easy. We tried blueberries for the first colour and turmeric for the second. All you do is add a handful of blueberries to some water and simmer for 20 mins, strain and there's your dye. The turmeric is much the same, just a couple of teaspoons of turmeric and simmer, ta da nice yellow dye. The dough came out great and the colours I think are very nice indeed.

Anyway have a look at the details here on the minieco site where you'll also find lots of nice eco friendly craft stuff to do with your kids.

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